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Father's Rights


The law presumes that both parents are equally qualified and fit to share primary, joint legal decision-making of the minor child, even if the child is an infant or toddler. This firm is dedicated to protecting legal representation of fathers and mothers with concerns regarding child decision-making. Contrary to popular belief there are no prescribed guidelines for parenting/visitation; rather Courts consider the “best interest of the child” and evaluate a number of compelling factors including environment, stability, domestic violence, sexual and substance abuse and criminal history in order to determine which parent, mother or father, best serves the role of primary custodial parent.

That said, fathers still routinely have the decks stacked against them when it comes to joint decision-making and more than minimal parenting time, especially if the child is an infant or toddler. Our law firm has had significant success on behalf of fathers of infants and toddlers who have sought shared legal and physical decision-making arrangements.

Our goal is always to provide the most cost-effective and efficient resolution without involving unnecessary and expensive “experts.” Although psychologists and decision-making evaluators can certainly be helpful in many scenarios they are not often or always the best solution. Historically, Fathers have been afforded minimal visitation with their children and, to quote one of my favorite authors, “we are fast becoming a society of men raised by women.” Children need both parents to be actively involved in their lives. Fathers are especially important for young boys and, as children age their role becomes even more vital. Nonetheless, it can still be difficult for fathers to convince courts that they deserve equal shrift. We are proud to represent fathers seeking to establish paternity, decision-making and visitation with their children, particularly their infants.

If you are a father concerned about your legal rights and fear you have or may become the victim of parental alienation contact this firm to schedule an appointment immediately.

Here’s what some former clients have said:

““I have worked with Kerrie Droban for over 3 years and retained her for my divorce. I found Kerrie to be very astute and very compassionate – a rarity today. Kerrie is simply one of the best attorneys out there. She is diligent, competent, and very talented. Divorce is never fun, but I have enjoyed working with her through my “rough patch” and would recommend her to anyone who needs sage legal advice. Before you make any decision on hiring an attorney, you must call Kerrie Droban and I assure you won’t be disappointed." -Jeff

“Kerrie is a dedicated and committed professional. She made me feel like I was her only case. More importantly, I got my son back.” -Jason R.


Arizona favors joint legal decision-making which is not the same as equal parenting time or joint physical decision-making. One parent is typically designated the primary residential parent. Joint legal decision-making means that both parents must confer with each other regarding major life decisions concerning education, health, religion and general welfare of the minor child. Parents may not enroll their child in extracurricular activities without the other parent’s consent. Further, neither parent may leave the State without the other’s consent or knowledge. Sole decision-making is difficult to achieve and barring major issues that threaten the well-being of the child, courts will order Joint decision-making. Sole decision-making is reserved for situations that involve domestic violence, substance abuse, molestation, abandonment and/or job transfer/relocation. If you find yourself in this situation and need a consultation regarding sole decision-making call DROBAN & COMPANY, PC now for more information.




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