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I have lived a blessed life. I grew up overseas in East and West Africa, lived for one month with the Maasai tribe in Loita, Kenya where I survived on a diet of blood and goat chunks (not recommended!). I lived in communist Poland and love snow. I enjoy dog sledding, ice skating, ice climbing, iceÖ my unique perspective and background have enabled me to counsel clients from different cultures, locales and sensibilities. My practice is not limited to Maricopa County or even to Anthem although I have many clients who hail from those areas. I represent clients from all over the valley and the country. I have done numerous cases that involve relocation and foreign jurisdictions. I have successfully relocated clients to Australia, New Zealand and across different states.

Relocations are not automatic and sometimes involve heated and expensive litigation. A parent who has primary legal decision-making of the minor child cannot move outside a 35 mile radius without the other parentís permission (thatís the equivalent of Surprise to Anthem!). A job transfer may not be enough of a reason to trigger relocation. If the parties agree and/or the court allows the transfer, this will necessitate a revised long distance parenting plan. If you find yourself in this situation call DROBAN & COMPANY,PC for a consultation.











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