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Mother's Rights

Divorce can be devastating for any mother, but add legal landmines, decision-making issues, child support, and spousal maintenance to the equation and it can be downright traumatic. Let DROBAN & COMPANY, PC navigate those treacherous waters for you and show you how to plan for a meaningful future, remain financially solvent, reinvent yourself so that your skills are current and in demand, and foster your own financial and emotional independence.

You CAN DO IT and with a little confidence you can make a fresh start without unnecessary worry. The law favors joint decision-making and reasonable visitation for your spouse provided the playing field is level. If you have experienced domestic violence, substance abuse and/or you fear your children have been exposed to sexual molestation you need competent, experienced, aggressive legal representation. Fortunately, DROBAN & COMPANY, PC has over fifteen years experience in both the criminal and domestic relations arena.

Do not leave the most important assets, your children and your money, to chance.

Here’s what some clients have said:

“Kerrie was amazing. She always answered her phone!!” –Donna S.

“Kerrie helped me through some of the darkest moments of my life and she did it with grace, compassion and intelligence. I would recommend her to anyone!” - Molly W.



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